img_9452Here is the story. I was pretty sick for a month or so; GI stuff and at the same time my computer died. I needed to order a new one. I have never stopped cooking and photographing, so I have posts in the pipeline. The following one is about a salad that blew my mind. It was raw and unexpectedly excellent!

img_9455 09bd8f1f-e0d0-43f6-864e-2f9471199a77

cf827d59-d101-46d8-858f-01e47d22ea9cMy first recipe was a carrot hummus. The carrots were roasted in the oven with olive oil and salt and pepper and then ground up in a food processor.9A3511BE-EB41-46E1-AD11-BDE016BFC439.JPGCARROT HUMMUS!!!!~ YUMMY!!!!a7cb7040-0af0-48e5-a900-ecb94440729d1OK….. so here we go with my favorite salad EVER!33df9e6c-af9c-43c0-a240-266653e92edeDon’t get me wrong I like Asparagus…..But this was a whole new experience.  It was literally the best salad I have ever had and it was RAW! I bought some very fresh Asparagus, snapped the ends off the bottom and then the head off the top. Then shaved the skin off the asparagus, finally the asparagus on a bias into small pieces.20a4d439-d5f4-4251-885c-41f35155fb1d

Combine with Fennel slices.

img_9465Add Radicchio leavesimg_9462

4de39599-ba21-48a5-a231-58c700aa8e29Then I added I added the homemade dressing; olive oil from Morocco with some white wine vinegar,Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper as dressing.  Simple.  Doesn’t need much.img_9470e308fb44-770e-46a1-bedf-a94925b8893d2Now for main meal ” steak and potatoes” with a mushroom sauce.

I had 2 beautiful Filet Mignon in the freezer. I decided to defrost and use and make with some Chantilly Potatoes.

Which you have seen before.

So the steaks I defrosted then seared in a cast iron pan and finished in the oven. My guest liked the meat more well done, which I did but then  in the oven.435FAD15-82D2-478D-8528-B7B93C706A48Of course butter, salt and pepper, and cream are an essential ingredient.8D15F200-9543-4725-9E5C-9DAEC6209D93(1)

IMG_9454Mash potatoes and then whip.0CFDDBE9-4CF6-40B1-859D-E6A67150BB81(1)1A6AB4E0-B10B-4FFB-B149-41BB41DE84E2Add some paprika and butter to top before baking off in oven until top is slightly brown.0F472197-CEDC-4FB3-8575-41328FD2ED0B(1)F5C3F9FB-5021-4558-979F-44FC6148AD6FSaute mushrooms in olive oil until browned. Add red wine salt and pepper. 08D79954-8268-404B-BF90-330AFDCDA7ADSlice Steak and top with mushrooms.098D8703-50D9-477F-B797-1AC1832383CF8DD50183-7421-4475-82F9-DDC0648BAE49(1)7426C00E-CBE0-47DE-BE14-2D000E33AD76

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2 comments on “Raw

  1. Helaine Doran says:

    Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well. Hopefully, Spring brings health and happiness. Going to try your raw asparagus salad right away! Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday and Mom is making dinner as usual. It will be a great addition to a Cauliflower Parmesan and Green Goddess roasted chicken. Hurray!


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