Kat Sue

fullsizerender1Whenever my family went out for Japanese food, everyone ordered sushi

except for me!!!

I’m not a fish person as you all know. So I always ordered the Chicken Katsu.

Its the best Fried Chicken ever!

IMG_9188The secret is Panko bread crumbs! A Japanese version of bread crumbs. A crispier, larger coarser crumb. Awesome!!!!IMG_9192Fry in your favorite drug of choice Canola or Olive Oil.IMG_9195Slice

IMG_9208I served with a slaw of cabbage and scallions.IMG_9186 IMG_9202IMG_9204And JalepenosIMG_9203And Green ApplesIMG_9205IMG_9206I dressed with home made olive oil (from my trip Morocco) and some white wine vinegar. IMG_9208IMG_9198Plating is important.IMG_9213I served with lemon, Japanese hot mustard and a Katsu  sauce.


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  1. Sarah says:

    Great new site!


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