Fridge Foraging

IMG_9494When I’m about to go on a trip and I don’t want to come back to rotten vegetables in my fridge I take inventory……. (You have seen me do this before!). I’m a vegetable rescuer!!!

I’m a huge fan of Fennel, I almost always have some in my fridge. So what to do with these veges.

I was thinking soup. IMG_9495I have never heard of fennel soup but I googled and found several recipes for “Fennel Soup”.

Not that I followed that recipe!,  because I wanted t use what I had in the fridge.IMG_9496I started with these lovely red onions and sliced and sauteed them. Then added some garlic. IMG_9499IMG_9498IMG_9500  Next I tackled the peppers.IMG_9505yumsauIMG_9507I diced and sauteed in olive oil.

Then the star…. The FennelIMG_9501IMG_9502IMG_9503The fronds, the stalks and the bulb cleaned and chopped. IMG_9504

I added salt and pepper (coarse ground)  and olive oil and sauteed.

then added the herbs I had in FridgeIMG_9509Rosemary, Parsley and ThtmeIMG_9510And Fennel FrondsIMG_9511I added Fennel seeds and Star Anise ( another favorite)!!!IMG_9513LOOKING YUMMY!!!IMG_9516Just so happened that I had homemade chicken stock in the freezer.

(you can use store bought no problem)IMG_9517(1)IMG_9518Coming together!IMG_9522Now I add small pasta. Simmer until pasta al dente.IMG_9521Serve and store leftovers.IMG_9524Bring to work for staff. They will love you!!

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