Houston we have a problem

The words spoken by the commander of the Apollo 13 , Jim Lovell, to NASA Mission control were actually: “Uh, Houston we’ve had a problem”….

Reporting the explosion that crippled their aircraft.

The devastation in Houston last week was beyond anyone’s comprehension.

Earth we have a problem!!!!!

Hurricane Harvey

And now there is Hurricane Irma 

and another on its way.

It almost feels to me like God? /earth?/ the universe? / is punishing us for our bad behavior towards each other.

On another note we are ALL citizens of the world….

Personally I embrace immigrants, because in my view we are all immigrants. The native Americans are the only people that could (?) possibly claim this continent as theirs. As for the rest of us (our families) came here from other countries.

Mine from Cuba and Ireland

 The devastation to so many islands and the United States, Southern states, on the East Coast is almost unfathomable. 

I wanted to make some simple and

comforting food. I started by making some preserves.

Peach and Apple preserved fruit.

It seemed appropriate.


Canning things to have during a time of a devastating hurricane, when food is rare and doesn’t need refrigeration seemed appropriate.Baked Green Apples


Cut out stem

Fill cavity with butter

Cook at 350 until golden brown

Add sugar and cinnamon if desired

let cool and preserve in air tight mason jars

..Serve with vanilla ice cream

Peaches in red Spanish wine


Peel and cut into cubes then place into mason jars and fill jars with Rioja wine

Seal Jars and store in refrigerator

I decided to buy some pork loins and bake them in the oven until just done thru 350 for about 35-45 minutes depending on the circumference of the loins. if they are slim less time If they are thick a little more . touch the meat. if soft cut open and make sure no red. if pink OK.Then let rest for 15 minutes before slicing .I topped the sliced Pork loin with the peach sauce and some Basil leaves as Garnish.

finally I decided to make a comforting custard for dessert.


2cups whole milk

2 eggs

2 egg yolks

1/3 cup sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

freshly ground nutmeg


Preheat oven to 300 F

Place six 4 ounce heat proof ramakins in a deep baking pan large enough to hold them.

In a sauce pan heat milk to a simmer over low medium heat.

Meanwhile in a separate bowl, whisk together eggs, yolks, sugar and vanilla.

Slowly pour the egg mixture into simmering milk, whisking gently to combine.

Pour the mixture through a fine strainer into the cups. 

Then sprinkle with nutmeg.

Pour hot water into a pan until it reaches about halfway up the sides of the cups.

Bake until custard cooked . about 30-35 minutes.

Let cool for 30-35 minutes.

So at the end of the day WHAT IS important?

we are all earthlings …

 One species, one people. There are tremendous challenges environmentally, socially, and politically. However I look around the room, (the world),
and see that we all have more in common,

than that divides us.

Frankly the earth is in peril and we need to work together to help it…

and us, to survive.

I hope it comes to pass.

Love each other

Feed each other 



8 comments on “Houston we have a problem

  1. Larry says:

    Mouthwatering photos surrounded by eloquently spoken words of meaning. What a grand recipe you have shared. Bon Apetite!


  2. Estie Rubin says:

    So solemn in your words and photos and perspective…and so true.Love you, Susan.


  3. Michael P. Rethman says:

    Great food as always; I wish circumstances permitted the enjoyment of your culinary artistry more than just figuratively.

    Now for a quick jaunt into the wild side of non-coastal America….

    I agree with the threats to our world but — as you might expect — I am more focused on those out of NOKO and its ilk while continually working to be self-critical about my own tendencies towards anthropocentrism.

    Regarding tropical weather, other than the bizarrely behaved nor’-easter called Tropical Storm Sandy in 2012, we have had no significant hurricane hits on the U.S. in over a decade. (Recall FL got seriously raked five times in 2005, including the first landfall of Katrina and it’s been hardly affected by any tropical storm since.) It’s way too easy for those with agendas to “explain” (other than random phenomena) to the madding and uninformed crowd why so many this year or any year. As I know you know, absent a clear understanding of the distribution and behaviors of Atlantic hurricanes over a thousand years or so, it’s impossible to derive quality conclusions — esp. if one genuinely values science and statistical analyses, which it seems many pseudoscienfic-pundit-sophists don’t.

    Meanwhile, while on the topic of bad weather: Today we all need to find a deity (other than say, Gaia) and pray to him/her for beautiful Puerto Rico — that’s getting hammered by H. Maria today.

    Regarding immigrants, IMO it’s time to do it all over again ala the 1980’s, and I hope that folks in DC can get together and find a way to be kind to those now here while making our borders more secure — the latter of which would accrue major benefits to many Americans and others already here. Sadly, I’m unsure anyone, R or D, wants to do what’s needed — and it rankles the heck out of me because the obstacles tend to be largely self-serving of those now and office and thus are profoundly cynical.

    Anyhow, enough opining. Sorry not to miss you in Boston — but hey, life seemingly unceasingly births and nurtures changes that change how we live our lives.

    Peace and love from sunny Prescott — and much aloha to Fire Island and the Upper East Side!


    • Susan says:

      Thanks Mike. I was at AAP but wasn’t feeling well and left early sorry I missed you too. I miss our arguing politics as well. I remember our discussion about Iraq and weapons of mass discussions. Now I need to get a dictionary and look up half the words you used. Haha. Aloha to you. Love Susan


  4. Refreshing and always visually stimulating. Nice!


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