A Lovely Day in the Neighborhood

I had a date with my son AndrewI used a recipe from Food and wine magazine; December 2017 edition;  entitled  Pork Tamales. I decided not to make the Tamales which are historically,  (in my opinion difficult to get to the right texture),  so I decided I would just add some pasta to the recipe instead.My son Andrew and I spent a lovely Sunday walking around lower manhattan.We walked around the Brookfield mall and along the waterfront on a gorgeous SundayIt was spectacularAs you can seeThe following day I made a pork dish2 Pork loinsseasoned with salt and pepper and browned in a casserole pan added beef stock, bay leaves, and cumin and browned onions simmered under low heat until the pork was tender about 1 hourwhen tender and  the pork was cooked thru  I removed it  and shredded then replaced into the broth I  let simmer for a couple of hours then when very tender I added pasta. Unfortunately I forgot to take photo but here is the frozen version, that my son Griffin will be serving at his pot luck dinner with friend this weekend.I’m donating the food to the cause!!

Feeding hungry 20 something year olds!!! Sometimes my food smiles at me and I smile back. This is actually how it arrived on my table

I’m a very lucky woman to have 2 beautiful boys. I would do anything for them!Andrew said I was glowing in this photo…. How nice!!

3 comments on “A Lovely Day in the Neighborhood

  1. Diane Efantes Farrell says:

    I second Andrew, you Glow!💕💛💕


  2. Diane Efantes Farrell says:

    You always glow!💕🌹💕


  3. Michael P. Rethman says:

    Glow girl!


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