Zoetry was the resort that my kids and I went to last week. It was  one of the most beautiful resorts I have ever been to.  I brought my 2 sons and one of their girlfriends. We had the most amazing time!!! I have many beautiful photos to share with you but this is a cooking  blog so I will start with some recipes and then go on to the vacation photos.

I started by making a dressing for the barley and tomato salad… it consisted of a combination of lemon and thyme.

the salad was a tomato and barley saladI cooked the barley, added the tomatoes, the dressingand then added some feta cheese

 Next I worked on the soup, which was a chicken broth based soup with scallions, parsley, and sage as well as noodlesIt was deliciousIMG_3375

next I worked on a salad that included fennel, scallions and lettuce.

I then made some roasted potatoes

then I worked on the protein; salmon fillets, and roasted lamb


I started with salmon fillets used some mustard to coat and then covered with Panko and broiled until just barely done. check inside of salmon frequently until all red gone and has just turned pink.

Next I tackled the Cauliflowercut into floretsto the boiled cauliflower I added butter and salt and pepper and then grilled the lamb chops after sprinkling them with Worchester sauce, salt and pepper .Finally I made some Brussel sprouts steamed and seasoned with salt and pepper and butter.img_3410now for my morning walks on the beach with Andrew we met every morning at 8 am

The beach morphed overnight into beautiful sculptures

we took to naming them as different mythical sea creatures. They were different every day…..morning horseback ridea beautiful sea monsterimg_3656img_3664beautiful women’s bathroom in lobbya beautiful chandelier in the massage room

An excursion to a neighboring beachhappy boysimg_3856img_3736bimg_3963-2aimg_3771-1 Beautiful Charger I am trying to hunt down manufacturer.img_3874my tennis boys 

I started out playing with them but then slipped on sand on court (wrong sneakers) and hit my head so then I became the official photographer

the start of my coral collection which grew larger during the week The housekeeper and I had a little competition/collaboration of making the room look beautiful

Gorgeous bed and butterfly curtainsimg_3780-1

img_3934Does this remind you of someone?  hint our President!!!!)

img_3768I bought some art from some local artistsimg_3647img_3862img_3785img_3592-1

2 comments on “ZOETRY

  1. jill cohen says:

    looks great. but which Zoetry resort ?


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