Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is when you celebrate all mother’s for what they do and what they sacrifice, to support their children to grow up to be whole, responsible, loving, good citizens in the world. Mothers would give up their lives for their children. ….At least the Mothers I know.img_4447Because I have been a 20 plus year subscriber to Bon Appetit Magazine at the end of Every year I receive a book that usually features the best photos of that calendar year.

This year the sent a book  called Tacos

Recipes and Provocations

I was inspired to

make a (sorta)”All Mexican Dinner” for my family  for Mother’s Day


My first mission was to find an authentic Mexican Taco Press, which was not difficult to find on the internet. 

What turned out to be a greater challenge was to find Masa Harina img_4483

Its easy to find corn flour or corn meal, but Masa Harina is a special grind of corn meal that is particular to Mexican Tacos. img_4475I searched 4 upscale supermarkets on the upper East side to no avail, In spite of carrying that brand of flours. I gave it one last try in a Latin bodega on the way home and BINGO there it was on the lowest shelf of this particular brand of organic flour.

Ok Forward to Taco making!!!img_4501 I took the recipes from a chapter called Neo- traditional Tacos

I had this crazy idea that I would make three different Taco shells in the colors of the Mexican Flag (yes I’m that crazy!)

Red, White and Greenimg_4484 The dough is relatively easy to make, just add water. However it takes  while to get the texture right. img_4486

Shape the balls to put in pressimg_4487Chill then place a piece of plastic wrap on the base of the taco press and over the top of the taco ball and press down once or twice to get the appropriate thinness.


img_4491img_4488I then made a batch of red coloring by using canned beets and pureed them in a blenderimg_4463

and added water until it was a liquid

img_4496I did the same thing with cilantro leaves to make the green colored water

I made 2 additional batches of colored masa harina

I then fried them in a little canola oil on both sides until lightly browned and when the were still warm folded them in half and let them cool.img_4497

Meanwhile I made 3 different fillings for the tacos. Chicken , Steak and Tilapiaimg_4461The chicken was flavored with a lot of cumin and salt and pepper,img_4462

To the steak I first added sautéed onions, garlic, Teriyaki sauce and sautéed garlic

img_4459img_4519The Talapia was backed and seasoned with salt pepper, paprika and lemon juice.

I went on to make Guacamoleimg_4499img_4512img_4515

Then I made a corn salad, using boiled corn that was removed from the cob, cooled and then added some red pepper

img_4518using red peppers onions and herbs

Then I made a tomato saladimg_4474img_4467In addition I made a spinach saladAnd finally some black beans and yellow riceall of which could be used to fill the tacosBambi came to visit during all thisAnd now for a little beach artAnd finally on my way home I met this character who had just (I’m sure illegally) the Ocean Beach Water  tower Turns out he travels around the world climbing things.


One comment on “Mother’s Day

  1. Mike Rethman says:

    Nice to hear you are still loving Fire Island. How’d the tacos come out? BTW, I’ve never seen anyone attempt to make tortillas of any size or ingredients from scratch…!


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